Consulate General of Bangladesh, Sydney


Where can I find information about applying for a new passport at the Consulate?

Please click on the link for passport application related information.

Can I apply for E-passport at the Consulate General in Sydney?

E-Passport service is now available at the Consulate General of Bangladesh, Sydney. Please see the e-Passport page of our website for detail information ( Bangladeshi origin nationals living only in NSW & Queensland can apply for e-Passport to the Consulate General office in Sydney.

Can I reissue/apply for Machine Readable Passport (MRP) at the Consulate General office in Sydney?

Unfortunately, Consulate does not offer Machine Readable Passport (MRP) service. Please contact Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra in this regard.

What is the difference between e-Passport and MRP?

The E-passport is a more secure, official, and internationally recognized passport than MRP. A biometric e-passport (also known as an electronic passport) is a passport booklet that has an embedded electronic microprocessor chip which contains biometric information that can be used to authenticate the identity of the passport holder.  On the other hand, the MRP has a machine-readable zone (rather than an electronic chip) in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) format.

What documents do I need to apply for an e-Passport?

An applicant must obtain NID (National ID)/Smart ID or  English version of the digital Bangladesh birth certificate (17 digit online verifiable) to be eligible to apply for e-Passport. Besides, other documents are required. Please visit the passport page of the Consulate’s website ( for detail information.

I have old handwritten passport. Am I eligible for e-Passport?

Old handwritten passport is acceptable along with NID. If you do not possess any NID, you must have an English version of the digital Bangladeshi birth certificate (17 digit online verifiable). You must declare both NID & digital birth certificate if you are in possession of both documents. NID & birth certificates are not alternative to each other. Birth certificate is required only when you were never issued an NID.

My NID contains wrong information (e.g. wrong spelling of my name/my parents’ name/ wrong date of birth etc.). Can I do e-Passport with this NID?

No, in order to process e-Passport, information must match with that of NID issued in your favour. To apply for e-passport, you must amend/rectify the information on NID first and then apply for e-Passport.

I have NID with wrong information but I have a digital birth certificate with correct information. Can I apply for e-Passport using only birth certificate without showing NID information?

No, You can’t.  E-passport system is highly efficient to detect NID information of a person and it is a primary document for e-Passport. Once you possess/are issued an NID, you must declare your NID during application. Any concealment of NID information will be considered fraud and will result in cancellation of your e-Passport application.

I do no have NID/smart ID or digital birth certificate. I only hold an old handwritten Bangladeshi passport. Can I apply for e-Passport?

No. You must obtain one of the primary documents to be eligible to apply for e-Passport.

I am born in Australia/overseas and I never had a Bangladeshi passport. My parents (both or one) are from Bangladesh and hold Bangladeshi NID/digital birth certificate. Can I apply for Bangladesh e-passport?

Yes, children born to Bangladeshi parents are eligible for e-Passport. In this case, applicants must obtain Bangladeshi digital birth certificate and provide parent’s proof of Bangladeshi identity documents. You must comply with other requirements to get an e-passport. Please see detail requirements on the Consulate’s website.

I have the validity of MRP passports for more than 1 year. Can I apply for e-Passport now?

We strongly discourage new passport application if you bear a passport which have more than 12 month validity. We prioritize those who is in urgent need of passport. If you have a passport with less than one year validity, please apply for a new e-passport.

Do I need to provide biometric information (biometric enrolment) for e-Passport?

Yes, each time you apply for e-Passport, you must provide biometric appearing in person at the Consulate.

I have a valid/expired MRP? Can I apply for e-passport now?

Yes, you can apply for e-Passport if you possess an MRP (expired/with less than a year validity). Please check out the Consulate’s website for detail requirements.

How long is the e-passport’s validity?

a. For adult (over 18 years): 10 years (48 pages); b. For children: 5 years (48 pages)

How much is the fee for e-passport?

Please see the ‘fees and payment‘ section of the passport page of the Consulate’s website.

Can I pay the fee by card?

Yes, you can pay the passport fee using your debit/credit card at the Consulate. Cash payment is not accepted under any circumstance. Please check “Fees and Payment” section of the passport page of the Consulate’s website.

Shall I get refund if my passport application is denied/cancelled/rejected?

No, Consular fees are non-refundable even if the application is denied/cancelled/rejected? Please see ‘Fees & Payment’ section for detail information.

Is there any separate fee for the international students?

No. Same fees are applicable for all applicants.

Do I need to book an appointment with the Consulate office for e-passport application?

Yes, it is mandatory to book an appointment with the Consulate office for submitting documents and providing biometric information. Please see to know how to get an appointment from the Consulate.

I have got an appointment from the e-Passport website when I applied for e-passport. is this appointment valid?

No. Consulate does not accept appointment taken from the e-Passport portal (which pops up during the online e-Passport application). Please see the consulate’s website to know how to get an appointment from the Consulate for biometric (fingerprint/iris scan) information.

Do I have to come in-person for collecting my e-Passport?

E-Passport, once issued, may be collected in person or through nominated representative or by post. Please check “Collecting the Passport” section of the webpage for detail information.

What documents do I need to carry when I collect my new passport?

You must carry the following documents during the collection of your new passport:

  1. Passport delivery slip
  2. Your last Bangladeshi passport ( valid or expired)
  3. Authorization letter (only required collected through a nominated representative). Mention photo ID number of the nominated person on the authorization letter.

Please see “collecting the Passport” section of the webpage for detail information.

My Bangladeshi passport is lost. How can I get a new passport?

If your last Bangladeshi passport is lost, please obtain a lost report from Police. The lost report from the Police must contain the number of your lost passport. Original police report must be submitted along with other required documents during biometric enrolment. Please see our passport page for detail information.

I have got married recently. I need to update my spouse detail on my passport. Can I apply for a new passport despite the long validity of my passport?

Due to the surge in e-passport applications, we prioritize applications based on immediate necessity, such as those with expiring passports. We advise newlyweds not to apply for a new passport solely based on marital status, as it does not influence the applicant’s immigration status or application.

Do I need to attest my marriage certificate for e-passport application?

A marriage certificate issued in Bangladesh needs to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh. If the marriage is registered overseas, it must be authenticated by DFAT. Attestation older than 6 (six) months are not accepted.


Visa application need not be submitted in person. In case of exceptional circumstance, applicant may submit his visa application through an quthorised agent or representative. An authorization letter will be required for such case. However, if the Consular Officer needs to conduct an interview, the applicant may require to visit the Consulate for the interview.

Online visa application is not yet possible at the Consulate. Applicant has to download visa application form and fill it out before submitting it at the Consulate by post or in person. Persons interested in applying online may do so at the Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra using the link

Visa processing time may vary and depends on the category of visa. Therefore, visa seekers are strongly encouraged to apply at least three weeks before the scheduled travel. However, depending on the circumstances, granting of visa may take longer than expected.

Change of visa category is not possible after entering into the country. One should carefully choose the right category of visa while applying for it.

To get delivery by post, self-addressed pre-paid express return envelope (signature-on-delivery) shall be sent to/ submitted at the Consulate while sending/submitting the application. The Consulate will not be liable for missing of documents sent by post.

No Visa Required (NVR)

What is No Visa Required (NVR)?

The “No Visa Required” (NVR) is an endorsement that allows its holder multiple entries into Bangladesh and an unlimited duration of stay, within the validity of the holder’s passport.

Can I apply for NVR online?

The online application is not available for Sydney Mission for the time being. Applicants interested to apply online may do so at Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra using the link

How long can I stay in Bangladesh using NVR?

NVR allows the applicant to stay in Bangladesh for the entire period of the validity of his passport on which NVR has been endorsed. New NVR stamping have to be collected once passport is replaced by a new one.

Is there any application form for NVR application?/ Is visa and NVR form same?

Both Visa and NVR applicants use the same application form. Fill out the appropriate sections of this form, which can be downloaded from the Consulate’s website. When attending your appointment, bring the filled-out and signed form as well as any other required supporting documents.

Can I renew my NVR?

NVR is non-transferable and cannot be renewed. You must submit a new application every time you seek NVR.

What documents are required to obtain NVR?

The requirements for NVR may change periodically. For the most up-to-date information, regularly check the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Sydney’s webpage at Ensure you review the prerequisites for obtaining an NVR before applying.

How long is the processing time for an NVR application?

Generally, it is a same-day service if the necessary documentation criteria are met. Please check out this webpage for further information. All services by post are delivered within three business days of receiving the documents If all required documentation criteria are met.

How much is the fees for NVR?

The NVR fee is AUD 70 for each applicant.

How can I make the payment?

The fee may be paid in ONE of the following ways:

  1. Credit Card/Debit card/EFTPOS payment at the Consulate’s service counter. [surcharge applicable];
  2. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT);

Cash/personal cheque/Direct Deposit is NOT accepted. 

Is NVR fee refundable?

Consular Fees are non-refundable. Please check “Fees & Payment” section of NVR page for terms and conditions.

I accidentally paid the fees to the Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra. Is it possible to receive the service from the Sydney Consulate using that payment?

Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra and Bangladesh Consulate General in Sydney are two separate offices. Service can’t be provided by the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Sydney against a payment made to the High Commission of Bangladesh in Canberra.

I have paid the NVR fee to the Sydney Consulate but subsequently received the service from Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra? Am I eligible for a refund from the Consulate for the fee I’ve already paid?

No, consular fees are non-refundable under any circumstance. Please see “fees & payment” section of the Consulate’s webpage for terms and conditions.

Do I need to be present in person to submit my NVR application?

Personal appearance is not required to apply for NVR. You may utilize the postal service. Regardless of your relationship with the applicant, you must obtain an authorization letter if you wish to submit an application on behalf of adult(s) (over 18 years old).

Is it necessary for all my family members to be present physically when submitting and collecting their NVR applications and passports?

No, only one family members may come for submission or collection on behalf of all other applicants of the same family. But the Consulate General needs to be confirmed that the person carrying the passports is a family member of other applicants. Regardless of your relationship with the applicant, you must obtain an authorisation letter if you desire to submit an application on behalf of adult(s) (over 18 years old).

Is my foreign-born spouse eligible for NVR?

Yes, except for the citizens of the member countries of SAARC. However, to obtain NVR on the passport of foreign spouse/children, you must comply with the required documents.

If I don’t have all the documents listed as required for NVR on your website, am I still eligible to obtain an NVR?

No, if you lack the necessary documents for NVR, you are not eligible for NVR. In such cases, please apply for a visa. The Consulate will not grant an NVR endorsement without the required documentations mentioned on the website.

Can I visit Bangladesh with my Australian passport without NVR?

Holders of an Australian passport can visit Bangladesh without an NVR endorsement. Instead, they are eligible to obtain a ‘visa upon arrival’ form the Airport.

I had NVR stamps on my previous Australian passport. Can I get NVR based on the previous record of my NVR?

NVR is not transferable. Each time you apply for NVR, you must fulfill all the document requirements mentioned on our website. Failure to meet these criteria will result in the rejection of your application.

I am a Bangladeshi citizen and have been living in Australia for long time. I do not have updated Bangladeshi documents listed on your website. Am I still eligible to apply for an NVR?

Unfortunately, citizenship requires proof. It’s the responsibility of the citizen to keep the documents up to date. If you don’t meet the requirements listed on our website, the Consulate will not be able to endorse NVR on your passport. In such situations, you should apply for a visa. For more guidance, please consult with the Consulate.

I do not have original documents of supporting documents. Can I still get NVR?

When submitting your NVR application at the Consular counter, you must present the original hard copies of the supporting documents to the Consular officer. If you fail to do so, your application may be denied. However, if you provide photocopies that have been attested by a Justice of Peace (JP), the original copies are not necessary.

I’ve legally changed my name in Australia since receiving my last NVR and have a name change certificate authenticated by DFAT. Can I obtain an NVR under my new name?

No, individuals who have changed their name in Australia and do not possess any Bangladeshi identification reflecting the new name are not eligible for NVR. Name changes must be carried out in Bangladesh through the proper channels.

My spouse is an Australian passport holder. Is he/she eligible for NVR?

Foreign-born spouses of Bangladeshi nationals, under specific conditions, and their children with Australian passports are eligible for NVR endorsement. Additionally, spouses holding passports from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, and European countries can also qualify for NVR, provided they meet all other NVR requirements. Terms and conditions applied.

I’m married to a foreign-born national with an Australian passport, and I have our marriage certificate as proof. Is it necessary to have our marriage attested for my spouse’s NVR application?

Marriages registered in Bangladesh need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If the marriage is registered in Australia, it must be authenticated by DFAT. For marriages registered outside of these two countries, the certificate should first be attested by the embassy of the respective country, followed by authentication from DFAT. All attestations should not be older than 6 months.

I have come to visit Australia as a tourist. I am planning to visit Bangladesh from here but my NVR expires. Can I apply for NVR at the Consulate?

No, temporary visitors cannot apply for NVR at the Consulate. Instead, you should obtain the NVR from the Bangladesh embassy in your country of residence before planning your trip.

Birth Registration

Can I apply for birth certificate at the consulate?

Yes, you can apply for birth certificate at the Consulate if you reside in NSW and QLD. The applicant needs to apply online through the following link For further details, please consult the birth registration page of this website (

Do I have to lodge application online? Is there any other ways to apply for birth certificate?

You must lodge the birth registration application online and submit all required documents to the Consulate for further processing of your application. There is no alternative to online application.

My spouse is a foreigner and I am from Bangladesh. BDRIS portal is not allowing me to lodge my child’s birth application online. What should I do?

If either of the parents of the applicant is foreign-born national, please contact Bangladesh Consulate General of Bangladesh, Sydney with all supporting documents. We will assist you in lodging your application.

Do parents need to possess a digital Bangladeshi birth certificate to apply for their children’s birth certificate?

If a child was born before AD 2000, their parents are not required to have a digital birth certificate to lodge birth certificate application. However, for children born after AD 2000, their parents must possess a digital Bangladeshi birth certificate.

Do I need to book an appointment to submit documents at the Consulate?

Yes, pre-booked appointment is required to to submit Birth certificate application and documents at the Consulate. You can also do mail-in service registration and post all documents to the Consulate.

Do I need to send the original supporting documents with my application if I’m submitting by post?

If the documents are submitted via post, original documents are excepted if the photocopies are attested by a JP.

I cannot lodge my application online as the site is down?

The Consulate General is not liable for any technical issues with the BDRIS website. The Consulate only issues certificate when all requirements are met.

How long does it take to issue a birth certificate?

Once all requirements are fulfilled and the supporting documents along with the application are successfully submitted, the certificate will be issued within 5 working days. Please see Birth Registration (BRN) for detail requirements.

I was born overseas. Do I have to attest my birth certificate from the Embassy?

Yes, if a birth certificate is issued by a country other than Bangladesh, it needs to be attested first by the Embassy of the issuing country and then by DFAT.

Can I pay fee by card?

Yes, you can pay the fee by debit/card at the Consulate (surcharge applied). Consulate does not accept cash payment.

I cannot write Bangla. How can I complete Bangla information?

Please download Avro/Bijoy Unicode software to type Bangla on the application portal. 

I have posted my documents online. How can I get updates of my application?

Please complete mail-in service registration from the consulate’s website and submit the printed copy of the registration with the application to get regular updates of your application sent by post.


Power of Attorney

The power of attorney (POA) document has to be signed in front of the Consular Officer. Physical presence of all executant(s) at the Consulate is, therefore, mandatory. More information on POA can be found at the Power of Attorney Rules 2015 available at the ‘download forms’ section of the website.

Photographs of both executant(s) and recipient have to be affixed on the POA document. Blurry/old/distorted pictures are not acceptable. Please provide recent passport size photographs (not older than six months.

Stamps are not available at the Consulate. POA issued overseas, therefore, can be prepared on plain papers. However, in case of using plain papers, the stamp fees have to be paid in Bangladesh to execute the POA there.

Police Clearance Certificate

Application for police clearance certificate has to be made directly to the Police authority. However, Bangladeshis living abroad need to get their application form and the information page of the passport attested by the Bangladesh Embassy/Consulate in their country of residence before sending the application to the concerned authority. The Applicant should apply for the attestation only to the Consulate.

Attestation of Australian Documents

Australian documents have to be attested by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) prior to applying for attestation at the Consulate. Please see the attestation section of the website for more details.

National Identification Card (NID)

The Consulate is not authorized to process NID applications. Please visit for more information.

Payment related

No. Payment by cash or personal cheque or direct deposit is not accepted.

Fee can be paid at the consulate using visa or master debit/credit card. However, an additional card transaction charge will apply.

No. To get consular services from an office, payment has to be made to that particular office. To receive consular services from the Consulate General, payment has to be made to Consulate’s designated bank account, which is separate from that of the High Commission in Canberra. 

Delivery related

To get delivery by post, self-addressed pre-paid express envelope/Courier (signature-on-delivery) shall be sent to/ submitted at the Consulate while sending/submitting the application. The Consulate is not responsible for documents lost or delayed in mail / Courier.

A letter of authorization issued by the applicant as well as proof of identity of the authorized person (photo IDs such as driving license, passport etc.) shall be required in addition to the delivery slip to collect any document by an authorized person.

Operating hours


Is the Consulate open on the weekends?

No. The Consulate is closed on the weekends and public holidays. Please check list of public holidays before you plan to visit Mobile Consular Camps may be organized from time to time during weekends at the areas far from Sydney where the size of the expatriate Bangladesh community is significant.