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Investment Opportunities in Bangladesh

Investment in Special Economic Zones of Bangladesh

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Investment at Hi-Tech Parks of Bangladesh

Investment through Public-Private Partnership

Investment Opportunities In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is among the top ten fastest growing economies of the world, with impressive domestic savings and investment propelling investment and growth inside the country. Sound economic fundamentals, democratic governance, robust domestic savings, enterprising people, big pool of skilled, semi-skilled, and easily trainable manpower, young and energetic work force, preferential market access to most of the developed economies have been behind robust investment and export growth in recent years. Investment climate in Bangladesh is highly conducive to foreign direct investment. Following are some features that make Bangladesh a standout investment destination for foreign investors:

a. Enabling legal regime
– Rules based investment regime. Bangladesh is a signatory to ICSID, UNCITRAL, OPIC, MIGA, WAIPA, WIPO, and WTO
– All laws, regulations are conducive to investment
– Investments are secured by law against nationalization and expropriation
– 100% foreign equity is allowed with provision of unrestricted exit

b. Liberal Investment Regime
– All modes of investment, including 100% FDI, joint ventures, partnerships, PPPs, non-equity modes (technology transfer, licensing franchising, contracting etc), foreign lending are allowed
– Local and foreign investments are given equal treatment
– Provision of unrestricted exit
– Most of the sectors are open for foreign investment 

c. Sound and conducive environment
– Sound economic fundamentals
– Robust and continued economic growth
– Largely homogeneous society with no ethnocentric tension
– Liberal democracy resulting to stable political situation
– Broad non-partisan support for trade and investment
– Resilient people
– Abundance of competent and easily trainable work force at competitive wage
– English is widely spoken and understood

d. Incentives for foreign investors
– 5-10 years of tax holidays for some sectors
– Up to 10 years of tax holiday for investing in infrastructure
– Up to 10 years of tax holiday for investing in special economic zones
– Avoidance of double taxation under treaties with 28 countries
– Fast track approvals
– Quick immigration, provision for permanent residency and citizenship
– Bonded warehousing

e. Investment facilitation
– Special facilitation for establishment of business through government agencies like Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), Bangladesh Special Economic Zone Authority (BEZA), Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA), Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority (BHTPA), Bangladesh Public-Private Partnership Authority (PPPA)
– Have bilateral investment treaties with 32 countries and avoidance of double taxation treaties with 28 countries.

f. Market
– Large domestic market of 160 million people
– Large regional market
– Strategic location in between South Asia and ASEAN with sea, land and air connectivity offers opportunity to establish production and distribution hub in Bangladesh
– Preferential/duty-free quota-free (DFQF) market access to almost all of the developed economies of the world 

g. Competitive Sectors for investment
– Infrastructure: Communication, Energy, Power, Ports, Transport, Hospitality an Tourism, Economic Zones, Transport Infrastructure, ICT & Telecommunication
– Manufacturing: Textile and Clothing, Pharma & Chemicals, Agribusiness & Food Processing, ICT & Electronics, Leather and Leather goods, Healthcare, Cosmetics and Toiletries, light engineering
– Services: IT & ITES, BPOs, Logistics, Health
– Skills: Education, Training, HR development

This Consulate will be happy to entertain investment related queries from Australian investors and guide them to explore investment opportunities in Bangladesh. Queries may be sent by email to or .

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