Consulate General of Bangladesh, Sydney

Driving License Verification

The Consulate General of Bangladesh offers a ‘Driver’s License Authentication’ service to Bangladesh Nationals living in New South Wales and Queensland. Applications received from the service seekers are forwarded to BRTA, Dhaka for verifying the authenticity of the license obtained in Bangladesh.  After receiving a positive report from BRTA, the Consulate General issues an authenitication certificate in favour of the driver’s license holder.

* Note: Applicants living only in NSW & Queensland are eligible to apply for ‘Driver’s License Authentication’ service at the Consulate General of Bangladesh, Sydney.  Applicants from all other states and territories must approach the High Commission of Bangladesh in Canberra for this service.

Service-seekers may also utilise postal services to obtain their desired services from the Consulate. For services that require physical presence, please secure your visiting slot by booking appointment.

In-Person Submission:

  1. Booking Appointment: Please book an appointment from the following link prior to visiting the Consulate General of Sydney for this service.
  2. Application Form (duly completed & signed) [download application form]
  3. Passport-size photo (1 copy);
  4. Original Bangladesh Driving License and photocopy of both sides of the license;
  5. Original Bangladesh MRP and a photocopy of the information page;
  6. Payment receipt [If paid in advance by EFT] (EFTPOS are also available at the Consulate);

Postal Service:

  1. Documents listed above (from 1-4)
  2. Mail-in service registration from Please print and include the confirmation page with the applciation;
  3. Payment Receipt (if paid in Advance by EFT; Please see ‘Fees and Payment’ section for other mode of payments);
  4. Self-addressed pre-paid registered express return envelope (trackable);
*Application must include photocopy of all required documents. The original documents will be returned to the owner.
** Incomplete applications or application with incorrect information or insufficient supporting papers will not be processed and eventually will be returned to the applicant via return mail.

‘Driving License Verification service’ is available by appointment only.

Please book your appointment from the following link:

Please note that the consulate does not provide appointment over the phone or email.

For a faster service, we encurage you to get this service by post. Receiving this service by post is hassle free, faster, cost effective and time saving. Please see the “Requirements” section above for details on how to get the service by post.

The applicants are advised to read the following carefully prior to proceeding further:

  1. Consular fees are received for processing of applications. Hence, fees are non-refundable even if an application is denied or withdrawn.
  2. Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra and Bangladesh Consulate General in Sydney are two separate entities. Service can’t be provided by the Consulate against a payment made to the High Commission in Canberra.
  3. Fees are subject to change without prior notice.
  4. The payment of the fee shall be made at least 03 working days prior to submitting the application form.
  5. A copy of the payment transaction receipt shall be attached with the application form.
  6. Cash/personal cheque/Direct Deposit is not accepted.
  7. Credit card/EFTPOS payment is possible at the consular counter. Transaction fee of the card company will apply in addition to the consular fees.

Fees: A$ 15.00

Mode of payment

The fees may be paid in one of the following ways:

  1. Credit Card/EFTPOS payment at the Consulate’s service counter. [In such case, transaction surcharge of the respective card provider will be charged in addition to the consular fees]; OR
  2. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT); OR
  3. Postal Money Order/Bank Cheque payable to Consulate General of Bangladesh in Sydney;

Bank details for EFT are as follows:

Account Name: Consulate General of Bangladesh
BSB: 062000
Account No: 1927 4083
Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Please include a copy of the payment transaction receipt with the application form after payment of fee.

In person:

Please book an appointment and visit the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Sydney (address provided below) on the day of appointment with all required documents and photocopies.

Postal Service:

  1. Send all required documents and a complete set of photocopies to the following address by registered mail/courier (Please check ‘Requirements’ section of this page for details).
  2. Mail-in service registration from Please print and include registration confirmation page with barcode with the application;

Consulate General of Bangladesh
Suite 2, Level 1
189 Kent Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

N.B.: The Consulate General of Bangladesh is not responsible for documents lost or delayed in mail / Courier.

Driver’s Licesne Authentication Certificate is issued only after receiving the positive report from BRTA. Applicants of this service are requested to wait patiently for receiving the certificate as the report from BRTA might take longer than expected. 

The delivery of the passport may be obtained in ONE of the following ways:

  1. By the applicant in person;
  2. By authorized person. In this case, a letter of authorization issued by the applicant as well as proof of identity of the authorized person (photo IDs such as driving license, passport etc.) shall be required in addition to the delivery slip;
  3. By postal mail. In this case, self-addressed pre-paid Express envelope/Courier (signature on delivery) is needed be sent to/ submitted at the Consulate while sending/submitting the application.