Consulate General of Bangladesh, Sydney

Public Holiday List 2023

1New Year (Additional Day)2 January 2023Monday
2Australia Day26 January 2023Thursday
3Martyr's Day (Shaheed Dibash)21 February 2023Tuesday
4Father of the Nation's Birthday & National Children's Day17 March 2023Friday
5Good Friday7 April 2023Friday
6Easter Monday10 April 2023Monday
7Bangla Nababarsha (Bangla New Year)14 April 2023Friday
9Jumatul Bida21 April 2023Friday
11Anzac Day25 April 2023Tuesday
12Buddha Purnima4 May 2023Thursday
13King's Birthday12 June 2023Monday
14Eid-ul-Adha*28-30 June 2023Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
15National Mourning Day15 August 2023Tuesday
16Janmashtami6 September 2023Wednesday
17Eid -e-Miladunnabi29 September 2023Friday
18Labour Day2 october 2023Monday
19Durga Puja24 October 2023Tuesday
20Christmas Day25 December 2023Monday
21Boxing Day26 December 2023Tuesday
22New Year's Day1 January 2024Monday

* Subject to the appearance of the moon